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We are grateful you're here! The Matrix Tutors Blog is here to help you succeed. Make sure to check out our blog posts for exciting articles and photos to boost your personal development. Anything you need, feel free to contact us!

Matrix Tutors strongly believes that each student can reach their full potential through integrating artificial intelligence for individualized learning and consciousness development through emotional intelligence. Matrix Tutors is creating an AI Hologram as the solution of providing an individualized education (private tutoring) to any student that interacts with the AI Hologram. The ultimate vision is to provide Ivy-League quality education despite the socioeconomic circumstances of students worldwide.

Matrix Tutors is an educational force innovating the future of education through technology. A hologram integrated with artificial intelligence and machine learning will be projected into United States public schools for an individualized learning experience. Every subject and topic from 4th-12th grade will be available to every student with the AI Hologram, alongside courses in consciousness development and personal growth. Additionally, the AI Hologram will be provided to low-income countries as the knowledge can be translated into 50 different languages.

AI Hologram_edited.png

What is our mission?

"Our life is shaped by our mind, for we become what we think"


"Knowledge is Power"

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