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Back to School!

Back to school

You’re probably going to feel nervous. It’s that feeling of the unknown. You don’t know who’s going to be in your class, how fun the teacher will be, or how hard the classwork is. That’s normal! Being uncertain and feeling nervous means you’re pushing through your comfort zone. It means you’re growing! Know that you’re not alone in this and that the majority of your classmates (as well as the teachers) are probably going through the same thing. The first week is the ‘setting in’ stage. You’ll start to get a feel of your classes, your teachers, and your peers. Once you got that down and you put in the effort, it’s going to be smooth sailing!

Getting balance in school. Getting good grades is always a priority, but that doesn’t mean you should compromise your character and emotional/social knowledge, and skill building. When you are confident you are able to try new things, things that could have been over looked at first. Trying something new means you’re courageous to step out of your comfort zone. You never know how much fun you could have trying a new sport, or the friends you could make and try something different. Leaving your comfort zone also means you will be talking and interacting with people you don’t usually do. Everyone is always able to teach you something new which means your knowledge would go even further. You may find something you deeply enjoy doing, and you won't know if you hadn’t tried it.

No one can take knowledge away from you. You will learn academically, but social and emotional intelligence also plays a big part in your full learning journey.

What new sport would you like to try? What new activity would you like to do? What sport or hobby would you do if no one was looking? Give it a shot, you never know how much you may enjoy yourself.

When we are younger small things seem to intimidate and rattle us more, but that’s completely normal. At the end of the day, you’ve only lived your age. You can’t have the confidence and maturity to handle everything with no stress from the get-go. Everyone gets a little lost and intimidated sometimes, even adults!

What are you feeling nervous about? Given this concern, what would you initially do upon arriving at school without previously thinking about it? Compartmentalize the issue you’re facing. Now that we dissected the problem, what are ways that you can help yourself make it better? You can think about someone you find inspiring and think, what would they do in my situation?

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