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Being There

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Active listening:

  • Being present for someone without judgment.

  • Make people feel seen, heard, and comfortable. When speaking to someone it’s always important to maintain eye contact. Eye contact is pivotal for holding a conversation, it shows respect and empathy. Let’s say you’re feeling sad and you want to talk to your friend about your current feelings, imagine she/he playing games on the phone whilst you’re trying to open up. How would you feel?

  • It means to be mindful about your surroundings and about the person you’re talking to. That person came to talk to you for a reason. They probably feel safe and comfortable with you, so don’t give them a reason to go talk to someone else next time.

  • For students:

  • Ask questions to get them to talk instead of stating how they should feel. If they are agitated don’t say “relax” instead, ask “how are you feeling right now?”. Once they finish, assess what they said and then comment.

Holding space:

  • Being there for someone when they need you.

  • Holding space can also mean that sometimes your friend will need you a little more. You’ll have to show some extra love, compassion, and kindness towards them based on what they are going through. Holding space for someone also means showing love towards the person unconditionally.


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