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Emotional Intelligence 2.0

For this week's infographics we are discussing the emotion contagion phenomenon as well as what are the four main components of emotional intelligence.

People can easily absorb emotions from other people, but they can also influence other people's emotions with their energy, mindset, and their facial reactions.

It is important to be mindful and aware of the emotions you surround yourself with. If you enter a room where everyone is concentrated, like a library, you will feel the tendency to become more focused.

Another example, if you're at a birthday party with all your best friends, people are smiling, singing, dancing, you'll naturally gravitate into a happier state of mind and feeling.

Humans are very social creatures and need to be in-tune with their emotions and especially how their emotions, good or bad, could influence someone else.

As a reminder, I would say the most important part of these 4 components is to be self-aware. If you're not self-aware you will not be able to regulate yourself or regulate what goes on in social scenarios. When something doesn't feel right, take a moment to breathe and analyze the emotions you're feeling. If you're feeling anger, as Stephanie mentioned, don't send an angry message impulsively. Remember, you're feeling this now, but you won't be feeling like this forever. One advice that I've tried to follow my whole life is to never make decisions when you're not calm.If you're angry you'll have a tendency to make rash and impatient decisions, if you're too happy you'll lose track of reality.

I'll attach the infographics at the bottom as well as Laura's recommendation for the Empath Test in case anyone is interested.


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