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Illusion of Perfection

Some notes about this topic:

  • Learn how to put yourself first (sometimes you have to be selfish in order to improve your well being)

  • Striving for perfection or being seen as “perfect” can cause so much mental and physical drainage. This portrays the example we discussed during the team meeting regarding Simone Biles.

  • Sometimes people focus so much on the future that they forget to live the present.

  • Perfection depends on each individual’s point of view. Everyone has a different perception of what perfection is, hence, perfection is subjective.

  • Achieving perfection can cause two different scenarios:

  • Don’t do it and procrastinate because perfection is impossible to achieve

  • Push yourself too hard for something that doesn’t exist

  • People need to find the balance between both.

  • “Perfection’’ is not something that people are born with. You will fail many times before you succeed.

  • Remember that knowledge and mastery is a process.

  • “Practice does not make perfect, it makes better”


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