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Law of Attraction - Creating your Reality

  • Sometimes we forget how powerful our minds are. We can get caught up in our own life, competitiveness, lifestyle, errands, and others that we can lose track of what’s really important.

  • There is a difference between positive thinking and the law of attraction.

  • Positive thinking includes thinking about all good things in general. It teaches you how to be optimistic. Whereas, the law of attraction is something that goes more in-depth with what you want in life. Even though positive thinking is the beginning of how to attract good things, it does not contain the element of believing and pushing it further so it actually happens.

  • When you only think about the worst and you make yourself smaller this creates limitations to what your mind and your physical being can achieve. As Stephanie mentioned, the power of the mind is something that people often overlook.

  • The law of attraction can tell the universe of many good things that you want in life, but it can easily go the other way.

  • When we surround ourselves with negative thoughts, negative people, and limitations, think in fear and live with anxiety. That’s what we are going to attract.

  • When we are operating under fear or anxiety, the hardest part is quitting that mindset and putting ourselves in an uncomfortable position of growth. Beginning something new is always hard.

  • You are what you think, and you’ll get what you think you deserve to get. Don’t put limitations on what you should or should not deserve. The law of attraction is a concept that can have endless possibilities if you allow yourself to completely experience it.

  • One important thing to remember is that the law of attraction is not something that works immediately. People need to be persistent and resilient in following through with their plans and reaching their goals.

  • Journaling, meditating, life boards, thoughts → all these little things are habits that will allow you to connect with what you truly want in life, and reach it.


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