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Updated: Apr 25

  • Full trust in another person and trust of another person in you —> has to go both ways.

  • (Reciprocated trust both ways)

  • Understanding responsibilities assigned to particular relationship - can’t be loyal to things one sidedly.

  • Ask students to analyze perspective of loyalty with the relationships they already have.

  • Who are you loyal to?

  • How does that loyalty show?

  • Takes time to create and become loyal , work’s simple to trust —> not something that can be done in a day.

  • Requires proof: showing not telling: actions speak louder than words.

  • Trust and support - transparent relationship.

  • Loyalty portrays many traits:

  • Trust

  • Respect

  • Mutual understanding and support

  • Resiliency

  • Admiration (you usually support and go after things you admire)

  • Boundaries

  • Integrity and loyalty can be different for children and adults - children focus their loyalty to good grades, being a good kid, parents, education, etc.

  • People are afraid of confrontation, which can lead us to refrain from saying what we need to say.

  • They are scared of what other people think about their decisions and actions.

  • They don’t want to hurt anyone, but being loyal also means you’ll be harsh when you need to be.

  • How other perceive our message has nothing to do with us.


  • Is an example of someone who remained true to his values.

  • With perseverance and matching his actions to his words, he was able to promote resistance in a peaceful way.


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