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Tips for Academic Stress

Back to school means back to business. New tasks, people, challenges, and obstacles will come your way. It is important to remind yourself that learning is always to your benefit, no matter what you learn.

In order to focus and destress there are couple of ways in which you can attain this.

Rewards system:

  • Reward your hard work! Whether it's giving yourself your favorite candy bar once you've finished an assignment, or watching your favorite show after a long day, it's important to reward your accomplishments.

Make to do lists:

  • To do lists are very effective. It's a simple way to make your goals and tasks clear to you. In the beginning of each day, or perhaps the night before, write down everything you need to do. As soon as you complete a task on your to do list, cross it off and move to the next one. It's so gratifying to see your list fully checked off by the end of the day!

Budget your day:

  • Plan out your time. Look over your 'to do list' and estimate how much time you would need to complete each task. This means that you will completely dedicate yourself to that task in the time slot you've created for it. When we plan things ahead of time and give ourselves a template to follow, it's much easier to complete the task and to avoid distractions.

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